Jumping the fence

When we were little kids an obstacle was no problem, we simply jumped over the fence, or gate or sleeping dog.  As we added years to our count, for some reason we begin to forget that an obstacle is not a roadblock if we are committed to moving forward.


I try to view an obstacle as an opportunity to discern if I am headed in the right direction or if I simply need to put forth a new effort.  Both these options are first based upon my commitment to reach my goal.  If I am not all that vested in achieving a goal, the sleeping dog on the sidewalk in front of me means the end of my journey.  If the goal is important to me, it is just a sleeping dog; I can step over it or walk around it.  As with so many issues in our lives, it comes back to being honest with ourselves.


By far our greatest obstacle in life is communication.  One person is speaking what they think are clear intentions, but the second person mis-hears that intention.  This is the subject of my book Bear and Butterfly.  Billed as a relationship handbook, the communication insights between its covers can be applied to countless situations. This includes roadblocks on our path to a better job, negotiating anything, even getting better service in a restaurant.  If a better relationship is important to you, learning to hear how others are speaking is essential.  If a better job is important to you, learning how to identify how others are communicating is essential.   

Jump the fence

Don’t let communication be your roadblock.  Pick up a copy of Bear and Butterfly to begin preparing yourself to jump the fence that is keeping you from a more fulfilling life, a larger income and peace of mind.  Click on the cover below to start.