An example to the world

When it comes right down to it, most of us do not think we are an example to the world.  We probably don’t even think we are an example to our neighborhood.  But you are! How you shine. It doesn’t matter how many people you actually meet each day.  You may meet dozens, or hundreds, […]

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Angels Among Us

Where do you come down on the question of Angels among us?  Do you believe there are heavenly bodies with wings and glowing auras hovering around us?  Do you perhaps believe there are unseen messengers and protectors who guide our actions?  Or are you one of the people who believe that there are angels walking

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Our own backyard

I have just concluded a trip which took me literally around the world.  As I traveled with my wonderful Lady I took hundreds, if not thousands of photos; photos of street scenes, buildings, trains, trees, places of worship and devotion, and more than a few of people.  I was so used to taking photos of

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Our memories are fiction

Yes, our memories are fiction; fiction created by our minds to reconcile our experiences with our ability to perceive.  When I think back to my early childhood I have a limited number of memories.  I remember wandering free in our neighborhood, going to the Swan Boats in Boston with a neighbor, watching Godzilla on a

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