Angels Among Us

Where do you come down on the question of Angels among us?  Do you believe there are heavenly bodies with wings and glowing auras hovering around us?  Do you perhaps believe there are unseen messengers and protectors who guide our actions?  Or are you one of the people who believe that there are angels walking among us right now?

It’s kind of funny how we get an idea planted in our minds about what something must look like.  These ideas are planted in us long before we are even aware the planting is taken place.  As I walk through my neighborhood at night I see so many depictions of Angels, most of them are of the first variety; wings, halos and the like, but I have also run across more than one Angel who does not have wings.  These are the people among us who take time to help us do what we have to do, help us get over something, or show us the way to a  more joyful place.  Sometimes they are not even people!  More than once a wild animal, or even a domesticated animal will cross my path and show me that I have been looking in the wrong direction.

That’s one of the really amazing aspects of Angels; often they do what they have to do, or what we need them to do, then the simply vanish.  Angels do not want nor need recognition for their work, they don’t require direction, and they certainly don’t have to be invited into our lives (although sometimes a plea for assistance is made) but they are all around us, in many forms, IF you believe.  As we believe we find our world is filled with Angels, but if we don’t believe, well, they are here anyway.  Isn’t it more fun to believe?

Think Believe Receive