Self Worth

Is it possible that our most common motivation for doing-or not doing- something is our own feeling of self worth?  Is it possible that, if this is indeed the case, we now have a new tool to reach our greatest possible potential?  Let me make my case. The greatest obstacle to us reaching our full […]

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And I Didn’t Even Know

We can take pleasure from things close to us, even certain experiences.  Take for instance the pleasure you get from seeing a child smile.  There is nothing artificial about a childs smile, so it rings in our hearts clearly.  We can recognize this reaction in ourselves, but too often we do not recognize that someone

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Be not afraid

I heard this morning that someone has counted 365 instances in the King James Bible the phrase “Be Not Afraid.”  This makes it the most common teaching in the entire scriptures. Even if the count is off a little, the idea that we are advised to not be afraid so frequently in one of the

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It brings me pain

If it brings you pain, why are you holding on to it?  “oh, i’m not holding on to it, it just is” you reply; but you are holding on to it, and you can let go of it without denying it is there,  it no longer has to cause you pain; unless you want it to.

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