Being Wrong

There is nothing wrong with being wrong.  There is simply no way we can know everything, every time.  What we do this  moment is the best we know how to do at this moment.  Given the same set of choices at another moment in time we might choose to do things differently, but there ya […]

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Same mistake, different day.

There is no doubt in my mind you have recognized some “mistake” in your life you have vowed never to repeat, but then, kabam, here it is again, same mistake.  You wonder “did I learn nothing the last time?  What kind of fool am I for repeating that mistake?”  Well, good news, you probably did

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Today at the All American is car repair day.  Every single car, every single washer, nut and bolt has been inspected.  If a car has something wrong, a mistake if you will, today is the day they are taken care of.   The cool thing is that once that mistake has been rectified, the car

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