Being Wrong

There is nothing wrong with being wrong.  There is simply no way we can know everything, every time.  What we do this  moment is the best we know how to do at this moment.  Given the same set of choices at another moment in time we might choose to do things differently, but there ya go!  The issue many of us face when we discover we have been “wrong” is to become defensive and go into angry denial.

Learning as we go

The entire experience of this life is to learn,  Where do we get the idea we have to know everything?  We learn as we go, and often it is being wrong that is our best teacher.  As I was studying for my Ministerial Credential I was reminded often that it is what we think we know that trips us up.  Getting an answer incorrect on a review test brought my attention to things I did not fully comprehend, so in their way, those flub-ups helped me.

Finding fault

Many people around us seem to take great pleasure in our being wrong.  They lord it over us, poke fun at us and take great pleasure in reminding us how we misunderstood something.  They do this to cover their own fear of being wrong.  We are well cautioned to be gentle with others who miss the mark.  It is highly likely that at a time yet to come, we too will misunderstand something we would prefer not to have held over our heads.  This, of course, does not excuse someone for intentionally misstating facts for their personal gain.  

Learning as we go

Because we are all whole and perfect as we are, sometimes the most important thing we can do is to find ourselves wrong once in a while.  The question is; do we learn from our mistakes or do we repeat the same actions over and over?  Perhaps what we learn is that we get special treatment or sympathy for our mis-actions.  There is also the possibility we use this ploy to avoid being asked to do tasks we would prefer not to do.  This is still learning as we go.

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