Your perspective

From the perspective of a narrow, dirty city alley, life can look pretty ugly.  If you are standing on a broad, well-tended avenue bustling with life in the same city, the world is filled with more possibility.  Go to a hilltop overlooking the same city, that city looks picturesque.  Should you find your self standing on a mountain top overlooking the region and the same cityscape may appear miniscule.  Now imagine yourself looking at the same region from the moon.  Most likely you won’t even be able to see the city, let alone that narrow, dirty alley.  Everything depends upon your perspective.

Don’t get lost 

Standing in the alley, every little thing about life seems sordid, limited, even hopeless.  This is where we get lost so much of the time.  We limit our view of life to what is around us this moment.  As the old saying goes, “We can’t see the forest for the trees.”  While the truth of the alley remains, when we shift our consciousness from the limitation of the alley, to the wider view from the moon, we have an entirely different concept of life.  We are no longer trapped in limitation, we are invited to embrace the unlimited.   We are not denying that the alley exists, we simply see that the alley is part of something wonderful.

The oneness of life

Everything about life depends upon our viewpoint.  We can get lost in separation; us against them.  Or we can take a wider perspective and see that there is no “Them,” and the “US” includes all of us on the planet.  From the moon, the earth is an enchanted blue orb; what if you were to step beyond the confines of the Universe?  Our perfectly wonderful globe no longer has definition at all, it is simply another point of reflected light.  When we think about the lack of money in our pockets on this tiny speck of reflected lights, how important does money become?

Gaining perspective

I go into great depth about gaining perspective in my book Think, Believe Receive.  Far from being a meaningless speck in infinity, we are all, each and every one of us, part of so much more than we realize.  I invite you to find that perspective, and your creative part in the Cosmos.  Begin by sampling Think, Believe, Receive by clicking on the cover below, then get your own copy.

Think Believe Receive