The limit of your ability

What is the limit of your ability?  This is one of the areas where we fall short almost every day. We underestimate just how much we can learn, do and feel.   Excuses The true issue is not our ability to learn, to grow or to love, the issue is we simply don’t want to …

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Wisdom is Power

We have all heard the phrase “knowledge is power.”  and this is true, however knowledge, the knowing of things, places, events, ideas, how-to’s, by themselves are simply information.  It takes wisdom to pull all these individual elements together into something which is worthwhile.  Many people are great with knowledge; they can recite facts, convey history, …

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I know that stuff

How many classes have you taken?  How many books have you read?  How many experiences have you had?  The more of these things you experience the more likely you might find yourself saying “I know that stuff.”  And you do know that stuff, at least you have experienced that stuff; but the question is are …

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