Seeing the future

Would you like to know what the future holds for you?  Just once wouldn’t you like to know if you should take this action as opposed to that action and know, simply know how things would turn out?   The future is in flux If you have experienced an astrological reading and the astrologer is …

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And I Didn’t Even Know

We can take pleasure from things close to us, even certain experiences.  Take for instance the pleasure you get from seeing a child smile.  There is nothing artificial about a childs smile, so it rings in our hearts clearly.  We can recognize this reaction in ourselves, but too often we do not recognize that someone …

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I Can, I Will

If it sometimes seems I am a cheerleader in these blogs, that is wonderful; I am a cheerleader, a cheerleader for YOU.  Here is how I see things; there is only one obstacle to you achieving the greatness you are: Your belief system. As we go through life we are presented with more NO’s than …

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