Seeing the future

Would you like to know what the future holds for you?  Just once wouldn’t you like to know if you should take this action as opposed to that action and know, simply know how things would turn out?   The future is in flux If you have experienced an astrological reading and the astrologer is […]

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That’s All I Asked For

“All I want is enough money to get by.” “All I want is somebody to love.”  All I want is the chance to be happy.”  These statements sound quite innocent and maybe one or more will reflect what you believe, but the problem is the Universe, which is charge of delivery of everything you wish

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It’s Impossible

What is impossible?  In my world nothing is impossible, it just has perhaps not yet come about.  It was once common knowledge that it was impossible for a man to fly.  Not that long ago the idea I could sit here in my office and type a message which could be read all over the world

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