It’s Impossible

What is impossible?  In my world nothing is impossible, it just has perhaps not yet come about.  It was once common knowledge that it was impossible for a man to fly.  Not that long ago the idea I could sit here in my office and type a message which could be read all over the world instantly by people I don’t even know was impossible.  What is impossible?  Really?

Let’s have some fun with the word “Impossible“.  Rather than simply believing “Impossible” means something cannot happen, what if we look at it as a run-on word which actually means I’m possible,” which means I am free to create what I see as my own possibility?  The difference between the two written words is an apostrophe and a space.  The difference between the two connotations is night and day.  The first interpretation  is about limitation, the second  interpretation is about being unlimited, and my dear friend, you are unlimited.

What advancements in science, technology or even living standards could take place if we stopped when someone said, “That’s Impossible?” Every advancement in the history of humankind came about because someone somewhere thought it would be cool if we could do this, then began the process by which that idea became reality.  

As you write the story of your life; as you go about your day; can you see yourself hearing the word impossible, and translating it to I’M POSSIBLE?  Can you see yourself hearing the word impossible, and instantly knowing it to be an invitation to let your possible come out?  How fun is that idea?

Nothing is impossible, because I’m Possible!

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