Comparing you to me

Do we learn to compare ourselves to others, or is it an in-born trait?  Perhaps you were told “I wish you were more like your sister”, or “look at Johnny, he managed to get his homework in on time.” I guess that might lead me to believe somewhere along the line we were trained to identify our value based upon what someone else has done, but I have to wonder if this is one of the tendencies we can leave in the past as we find our own identity.

The temptation to believe others have a better life than we do, that others have the secrets to a better life we do not have access to, or that we are somehow not worthy of that information is one of those things we create internally which hurt us and leave emotional scars for our entire lives.  It is bad enough others think this comparison is an effective method of encouraging us to higher achievement, when we do it to ourselves, well, just stop it!

Not one of us knows what the other person has in their own secret hall of horrors and fears.  Those who seem so composed, may actually be a walking pharmacopoeia.  Those who display athletic abilities we could only dream of may be unable to confidently go shopping.  The person who gets all the complements on their looks, may feel they are held hostage to a standard they cannot maintain, and live in fear of the day they can no longer keep up appearances.

My point is this: you bring to the table of life some very specific gifts, talents, and abilities.  These gifts, talents and abilities are not duplicated in ANY OTHER INDIVIDUAL living or dead.  You are essential to the development, the forward progress of this world.  Rather than spending any more time wishing you were more like someone else, think about your unique assets and please stop trying to find your value in any other person- past or present.  In their heart of hearts, they may actually be filled with envy of you!  

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