The Unfiltered Heart

The Unfiltered Heart comes from learning to understand that everyone who comes to your attention, everyone who comes through your life, is there for a purpose.  That purpose is to be part of you becoming what you have set as your goal.  They are there in answer to your prayers, dreams, hopes and every thought …

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Surround Yourself

What do you surround yourself with?  Do you surround yourself with possibility, joy, oneness, or something else?  Do you surround yourself with those who support your vision for your life, your dreams and hopes?  When we do surround ourselves with those who support us as we make our way through life we are one step closer …

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Let’s Celebrate!

By the power vested in me by the Universe I hereby declare this day to be the day of YOU!!!!  Let’s Celebrate!! Why do we wait around for a special occasion to celebrate?  Each and every day is a cause for celebration, heck, each and every moment is a cause for celebration!  Each moment of …

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