Going with the flow

Going with the flow does not necessarily mean accepting anything other than what you want.  It does not mean letting others walk all over you either.  What going with the flow means most often is finding the blessing within any experience. How do we balance these thoughts? How do we still get the things we […]

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Set in my ways

As I flit from country to country, town to town, hotel to hotel on this most amazing adventure I am having with my beautiful Lady, the places where I am set in my ways pop-up and surprise me time and again.  things I thought no longer mattered to me suddenly seem like huge things.  This

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A Trickle

A drip becomes a flow, a flow becomes a creek, a creek becomes a river, a river becomes the ocean.  This is how creativity works; rarely can we step from the germ of an idea right into an ocean of reality.  There is a process to life, to expansion, to raising our consciousness, which begins

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