The last place we look

“I found it in the last place I looked.”  Now, isn’t that a funny saying?  I mean, once you found it, why would you continue to look? That being said, we spend so much time and effort looking for inspiration, peace, love and prosperity, yet we overlook the one place that is the true final […]

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Help, I am disconnected!

I started to post this blog last night only to discover my server was down.  Is this the modern equivalent of the old “the dog ate my homework?”  Even a low-tech savvy person such as myself can feel disconnected when this happens; what must it be like for someone who takes instant communication not only

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I Don’t Exist

Don’t stop to think about it, just answer these questions: how tall am I?  Am I 6′ tall or 5’2″.  Do I weigh 325 pounds or 98 pounds?  Do I have a high voice or a bass voice?  The answer to these questions: I am all of them, and dozens of more things depending upon

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