Energy meets energy

I have often made a point in these blogs that we are energy, each of us is energy.  To underscore this idea and perhaps make it a little easier to make part of your life, here is another example of this fact;   You walk into a room feeling just a little off, not necessarily […]

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One or the Other

Is there someone in your life you truly, completly and deeply love?  I truly hope there is, for is there anything greater than having the best parts of yourself reflected back to you?  That person is bringing out the very best in you, paving the way to reach the new heights of your possibility, and

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Love those little boxes!

Those little boxes, you know the ones I mean, the boxes which define who we are, what we believe, who we should like, or dislike. The little boxes which define how much we should earn, where we should live (in a little box of course!).  Those little boxes are so comforting.  they keep us warm

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