“Disharmony, fighting, anger are all around me, I can’t work this way”  Have you ever heard these thoughts in your mind?  What can you do about this overwhelming feeling of discord? I would like to give you a magic wand to dispel all this gunk, I really would, but the magic wand shop closed last […]

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Drinking the Poison

Friday I wrote about disharmony and the poison it brings into our lives.  Today I want to look at other sources of that same type of poison which rots our insides and leaves almost no impression on the person who is the focus of that disharmony. UNFORGIVENESS: One of the most common poisons to which we

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United in Harmony

No, we are not going to sit around the campfire and sing ” Michael rowed the boat ashore.” What we are going to do is realize every positive relationship we have is one which is united in harmony, or united in love.  When we relate to others from the perspective of respect and honor, we are

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