Drinking the Poison

Friday I wrote about disharmony and the poison it brings into our lives.  Today I want to look at other sources of that same type of poison which rots our insides and leaves almost no impression on the person who is the focus of that disharmony.

UNFORGIVENESS: One of the most common poisons to which we subject ourselves.  If someone has done something to us we do not like, we can forgive them an not necessarily forget the action, but we do not have to internalize the poison and kill ourselves in the process.

ANGER: You might be totally right to be angry about what someone has done to or about you, but is it worth making yourself sick because someone else is out of line?

GOSSIP: Sure it is sometimes fun to hear what so and so did at work, but be sure when you are listening that you also balance that with the facts, and not just hearsay.  Remember, the person who is passing along the gossip has something to gain, do you?

BETRAYAL: Once again, you may be absolutely correct that someone has betrayed your confidence, sold you out, or whatever the sin is, but to hold the energy of that betrayal inside yourself will eat you up more certainly than the action which spawned the emotion.

These are just some of the ways we ingest poison as we try to prove how right we are.  In the end the toll is much heavier on us than on the other person.  Are you drinking the poison about some issue and expecting the other person to die?

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