United in Harmony

No, we are not going to sit around the campfire and sing ” Michael rowed the boat ashore.” What we are going to do is realize every positive relationship we have is one which is united in harmony, or united in love.  When we relate to others from the perspective of respect and honor, we are honoring them and at the same time honoring ourselves.  When we relate to others from fear, anger, distrust, we are still in a relationship, but a relationship which drains us of our vital energy.  This drain comes through in so many ways, none of which support us in our goals.

To be in harmony does not require us to want to be with another person, it only requires us to recognize that we do not necessarily have the same point of view.  If we all had the same point of view the world would be a very dull place indeed.  To be in harmony simply means we can look at another person and realize their success does not diminish the likelihood of our own success.  As long as the underlying goals are life-affirming, we can live in harmony with anyone from any place of any background.

When we choose to live in disharmony we are choosing to tear ourselves down first, then maybe we can tear the other person down, but not necessarily.  Disharmony is a poison which we drink expecting someone else to feel the pain. 

I will have more thoughts about poison in future blogs, but as you watch the TV news about battle flags, mass killings, and other examples of mans inhumanity to man, take a moment and ask yourself if you are drinking the Kool Aid too?  

Choose to live in harmony!

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