Peaceful, not calm

Is there a difference between being peaceful and being calm?  It may be a fine point, but yes, there is a difference. Being calm Life is messy.  Life is challenging.  Life calls us to respond to all manner of input on less than a moment’s notice.  Is it any wonder that often our lives cannot […]

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I will survive

Although Donna Summer sang this song beautifully in the 70’s, it’s not much of a credo by which to live.  Have I mentioned in these blogs that words have power?  Do you want to just survive, or do you want to thrive?  It takes the same amount of energy to commit yourself to surviving the

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What the World Needs Now

What the world needs now is just one more person who decides to shed the muck and mire of the past.  One more person who is no longer willing to accept the idea that “that’s just the way it is.”   What the world needs now is just one more person who is willing to

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Amateur or Professional

The difference between being an amateur and being a professional is far greater than that one gets paid and the other one doesn’t.  In a nutshell the difference is this; an amateur plays, a professional practices.  do you hear the difference?  Do you play at being successful or do you practice being successful?  Do you

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