I will survive

Although Donna Summer sang this song beautifully in the 70’s, it’s not much of a credo by which to live.  Have I mentioned in these blogs that words have power?  Do you want to just survive, or do you want to thrive?  It takes the same amount of energy to commit yourself to surviving the holidays as it takes to commit yourself to thriving through any and every experience, because moving from surviving to thriving is simply a matter of your choice of words.  If you devote yourself to resignation, the Universe will happily enjoin you in resignation.  You will indeed make it through, feet dragging in the sand.  If you, on the other hand, devote yourself to thriving, every experience, no matter how challenging, will reward you with an expanded appreciation of your own power.

Once again; words have power.  The words you use will determine your experience.  Stop and think about the power you have within you to shape your own life.  Knowing that your choice of words will make the difference between being happy or being miserable is a tremendously powerful understanding.  You are not at the whim of the fates, fate is at your whim.  Wow, is it that simple?  Yes, it is that simple.  Notice I did not say “it’s that easy.”  We are conditioned to think of ourselves as anything other than powerful so it might take a bit of practice to get through the four hour dinner with people you hardly know and hardly like, but when you realize that how you feel is totally dependent upon your own thoughts, you will discover there is no mountain too high, nor turkey too dry that something good about your personal power and strength will not be discovered.

This year, don’t just survive, THRIVE! 

The Involved Observer