Who am I?

Who are you?  You are a unique individual who is doing the very best you can at this very moment.  You bring to this planet skills, ideas and possibilities no one has ever brought, and no one else will ever bring.  I guess that makes you pretty special, doesn’t it!   The biggest challenge we […]

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Finding Your Own Level

Well, just like about a billion of my closest friends I just finished watching the Super Bowl.  Team favorites aside, the lesson on display during the last half of the game was one to remember.  Down by over 20 points, history against them, odds against them, statistics against them, the Patriots never the less tied the

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It brings me pain

If it brings you pain, why are you holding on to it?  “oh, i’m not holding on to it, it just is” you reply; but you are holding on to it, and you can let go of it without denying it is there,  it no longer has to cause you pain; unless you want it to.

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Perfection or Excellence?

The Rayne Water shop near my home posts great thought starters on their message board along the freeway, and this was a recent post: “Don’t Strive For Perfection, Strive For Excellence.”  What a great realization this can be; if each and every time we so something we strive for excellence.  Only excellence you ask? Well

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