Two way street

Communication with the Universe, that part of us that is always there, always speaking to us, is a two way street.  We may think of this voice as our sub-conscious, or our angels, or our conscience, but it is always there, always guiding, supporting and loving us. This voice is not only helping us find …

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Angels Among Us

Where do you come down on the question of Angels among us?  Do you believe there are heavenly bodies with wings and glowing auras hovering around us?  Do you perhaps believe there are unseen messengers and protectors who guide our actions?  Or are you one of the people who believe that there are angels walking …

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Looking for inspiration

Are you looking for the inspiration about how begin a project, or maybe the inspiration as to how to complete a task?  In my first book Think, Believe, Receive, three steps to an amazing life, I discuss exactly how this is done.  You see, to even conceive of a task means you are capable of …

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