Self Discovery

The process of Self Discovery or Self Actualization can be painful.  As I wrote recently change demands we leave behind our baggage from the past.  As you step into the person you truly are, rather than the person you have been told you should be, friends will fall by the wayside; however they will be […]

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Am I Being Tested?

My car won’t start, I am late for work, the coffee machine broke, I lost the key to the restroom, the client cancelled, my afternoon went in the dumper, I don’t have the money to pay the bills.  Am I being tested?  Is someone or something trying to find out just how much I can

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Parallel Play

Last night after a beautiful day of travel my butterfly and I were relaxing in the hotel pool enjoying the interaction of people of all ages.  One of the Moms, watching her children play with complete strangers without conditions made the most interesting comment; “the kids love parallel play.” What she was referring to was the ability

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Right or Righteous thinking

What is the difference between right thinking and righteous thinking?  Does it even matter?  Well yes of course it matters, because the goal of these blogs is to help you (and me) become more IN-powered, to live a fuller, more successful life. Right thinking is thought which comes from the truth that what I am experiencing

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