Self Discovery

The process of Self Discovery or Self Actualization can be painful.  As I wrote recently change demands we leave behind our baggage from the past.  As you step into the person you truly are, rather than the person you have been told you should be, friends will fall by the wayside; however they will be replaced with people who support the new you as those who have disappeared could never support you.  This may lead to times of sorrow for those no longer with you, but the pain will be more than overshadowed by the joy of living your life in authenticity. 

I think about some of the people who used to be such a huge part of my life, then I think about the life I am living today.  Many of those from the old group still hold a special place in my heart, I honor them and love them for the part of my life they shared with me.  On the other hand, if they were still in my life I could not be living the vastly improved, more satisfying life I live today.  There are also many people still in my life with whom I have spent joyful times with for decades, the difference is these people accept the changes I have made in my own life; they accept my self discovery, my self actualization without judgement, and even support my explorations into a better Brian.

You can only be one person at a time.  Isn’t it better to be the best you possible?

This change often requires an entirely new way of understanding others, and as luck would have it, I wrote a book about communication that will assist you in being the best you possible.  It’s called Bear and Butterfly, THE Relationship Handbook.  Get it at and move forward!