The Promised Land

What is the promised land for you?  Is it something that comes after you leave this level of being?  Is it that beautiful house on the hill?  Perhaps you see it as being the achievement of some long sought-after goal.  Yes, these are all examples of the promised land.

How to reach your promised land.

As simple as it may sound, the truth still remains that you will not achieve your dream if you stay where you are.  If this were true, you would already be living your dream.  The funny thing is, perhaps you have already achieved all you set out to do!  Isn’t that an interesting concept!  Take a moment to review your life.  Think of all the things you wanted when you were a child, then what you wanted as a teenager.  Those were the times you were still able to dream without “reality” holding you back.  You may find the reason you feel unfulfilled is that you have achieved all you hoped to achieve, but you have not expanded your dreams.

Expanding your perspectives.

If indeed you discover you have achieved all your dreams, or if your dreams simply are not large enough to keep you engaged in a joyous life, it is time to expand what you see as the promised land.  Remember, the Cosmos is awaiting your orders.  There is no limit to what you can achieve or receive except the limits you establish.  Many of us are perfectly happy living the same kind of life our parents lived, and that is wonderful.  If, however, you find the definition of success gifted you by those who have gone before more like a straight jacket, break out!  You are not doing dishonor to those who came before you by expanding your dreams.  You are actually acknowledging their legacy by becoming even more.  

Living the dream.

Dreams are an ever expanding goal, keep up with them.  With the full cooperation of the Cosmos anything you can dream you can have, to the degree you invest in their manifestation.  One thing is certain, however, you will never reach the promised land sitting on the couch.

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