Going Postal

The phrase going postal was coined at a dark time in US history when mass shootings seemed to be concentrated at Postal facilities.  The phrase refers to a syndrome related to working constantly, doing the same thing, but never getting ahead.   While I am not inclined to using a weapon of any kind, I can relate to the frustration of never seeming to get ahead.

Frustration as a constant.

Each month I pay my bills.  Sometimes I actually get them all caught up before the end of the month.   I get to enjoy a few days when someone isn’t demanding money from me.  Then the month changes and once again I have that list of bills to pay.  It’s a wonder more of us don’t go postal over that one fact of life.  Frustration can be a constant in our lives in very specific areas.  Those areas vary from person to person, but the underlying issue remains the same: we don’t seem to get ahead.

Dealing with a constant.

The wonderful thing is that if one or two issues create constant frustration in our lives, we can handle it fairly simply.  Just as sound engineers can isolate and remove, or enhance, a constant sound, we too can focus on eliminating our own constant frustration.  Regardless of what we call our frustration: money, child rearing, relationship issues, we have a clear starting place.  Those issues that are fragmented can be a little more challenging because it is difficult to know where to start.

Isolating the issue.

When we begin to think our life simply stinks, where can we begin to do the repairs?  We get to go through the process of finding out what is working, and what is not working.  It is highly unlikely that every single part of our live stinks.  Somewhere there is a bright spot.  When we get a handle on that bright spot, we realize not everything is in the toilet.  Then we can clearly address the issues that are giving us challenges.  Now we have a place to start our healing.

Help in healing.

Discovering our critical areas of concern is a process I address in my book Think, Believe, Receive, three steps to an amazing life.  If you are on the verge of going postal, give it a read.  You can begin with a sample by clicking on the cover below, then get your full copy for more in-depth work.  It will be worth your while.

Think Believe Receive