Maybe it’s not yours to complete

Some friends of mine were preparing to move to a new home, which could have been a very joyful experience, but one thing was like a fly in the ointment; a backyard labyrinth they had been working on for years was incomplete.  Rather than looking fully forward to their new life, they kept looking over their shoulders at the incomplete project and feeling sad about not having finished the work.  Then another friend pointed out that perhaps that labyrinth  was not theirs to complete, rather it was supposed to be completed by the new buyers as part of their joy.

When I heard that my ears picked up!  Could it be that what felt like an incomplete project was, after all, fully complete?    Do I now have an excuse not to complete any project I don’t want to complete?  How cool would that be!

Sorry, this is not permission to simply walk away from your assignments, what it is is an invitation to ask yourself if perhaps working in cooperation is our most powerful position.  Working in cooperation with those who can bring a new energy to a project, working in cooperation with those with fresh ideas.  Does that sound a little more comfortable and realistic? If you have a task and feel you have used every tool you have, maybe it is time to open up your mind and allow input from others.  At the very least it might get your creative ideas flowing to help you move on from a fresh perspective.  Maybe it’s not yours to complete!

The Involved Observer