Liberate your Inner Child

You probably have heard about your “inner child”, that part of you who wants to run and play and blow off work, eat ice cream for dinner, and who wants to pout when you don’t get your way.  Yes, that inner child is indeed alive and well within you right now.  If you have not let that child out to romp lately, I urge you to find a reason to do it as soon as possible.  Why?  Your inner child is your best and most clear conduit to the Universe.  Your inner child does not judge, your inner child simply accepts.  Your inner child is not concerned about what others think, it just does.

We get so caught up in what we think others want and forget that what we want is just as important, if not more important.  Why would what we want be more important than what someone else wants?  Simply because we can not do enough, work hard enough, say exactly the right thing to make another person happy all the time.  We might be successful 99% of the time, but let that 1% pop up and it seems all we have done is for nothing.

Your inner child knows this, so listen to that child; skip to your car, burst out in song when your heart calls you to do so, say hello to someone you have never met just because it is fun and you feel good.  Your inner child knows that our best guidance comes through without fanfare or justification.  I am not saying you should show up at work in play clothes everyday, but I am saying your inner child will serve you very well if you allow it to come out and play once in awhile, make that inner child part of your balanced life.