Keep Knocking

“Ask and it is given”, “knock and the door will be opened.” These are phrases and thoughts we may have learned during  our early years from biblical sources.  But what happens when we ask, or we knock, and before we can be answered, or before the door is opened we walk away.  We do not take the time, or the awareness, to realize that what we have asked to experience has been delivered, that the opening we sought has arrived.  This is such a common story!

In my book Think, Believe, Receive three steps to an amazing life, I discuss this very real experience.  It is not that the Universe has suddenly decided to say “no” to us, it is we who are saying “not now.”  Isn’t that silly?  The good news is that we can re-train ourselves to recognize  when we are defeating our dreams and choose to change how we approach the abundance of the Universe and how and when it comes into our lives.

Seems like a very simple thing doesn’t it?  Simple, but not easy.  We have trained ourselves to think that what we want can only come about a certain way, if we exert enough energy, suffer enough pain, or some other hoop we must jump through.  None of these conditions are true, we were born worthy, we are worthy today, and with the right awareness we can enjoy the freedom we were born to.  

Read Think, Believe, Receive and see where you might have been missing your ship.

Think Believe Receive