The Involved Observer 

I suppose it would be easy to get the idea from these posts that my goal is to eliminate all emotions from my life, but this would be untrue.  Emotions are a playground for our hearts.  Emotions are where we learn our life experiences, so emotions are very important to our growth.  They reveal to us what is active in our very beings vibrationally.

We do not respond or react to anything which is not alive in our emotions.  For instance someone might hurl a statement at us which is intended to provoke a particular reaction.  If there is nothing active in our beings to respond to that statement, they might as well have been speaking some dead language; we do not respond.  On the other hand, if someone says something to us, even innocently, and we have something active around that topic, we do react.  The trick here is to understand why something makes us RE-act and other things simply flow past us harmlessly.  In learning about ourselves and understanding how this is working we IN-power ourselves to live fully, intentionally and powerfully each and every day of our lives. In becoming aware of why and how these things are going on within ourselves we can release previously unresolved issues, release the past and step fearlessly into the now.


I invite you to begin your exploration with my second book; It’s All About Me, the Involved Observer.  

We learn through our minds, we experience through our hearts.