Evolution or Revolution?

This one is just for fun; think about the changes you have seen in your life and ask; was it an evolution or was it a revolution? Was the Black Power movement of the 60’s a revolution or was it an evolution of the 1964 Civil Rights Act?

Was the Woman’s Rights movement an evolution of the Sexual Revolution or was each a revolution of it’s own?

Revolution is something brand new, an overthrow of an existing paradigm, whereas an evolution is the continuation of a previous revolution.  We can easily see the evolution of cell phones, so as much as the big brands would like us to think of their new product as revolutionary, the truth is cell phones are going through an almost day to day evolution. 

Isn’t it interesting how one little letter can make such a difference in the meaning of a word?  Just a simple “r” changes everything.  Which brings up the question, what does this discussion have to do with IN-powerment, how does this help me understand myself better, how does it help me understand others better, how the heck does one letter help me be more successful?  Here is how; by being aware of the words which come out of our mouths, being conscious of our thoughts we step into a more intentional way of living, and that is the whole purpose of this blog; to support you in realizing YOU are the constant in your life, therefore YOU are the one who shapes what you experience.  Now, is that an evolution for you, or a revolution?

The Involved Observer