Be the pebble

You are probably very familiar with the concept that when you drop a pebble into a pond it will produce ripples which emanate from the central point.  You are also most likely aware that this is how ideas and changes spread; from a central point outward to the community at large.  These are great thoughts, but what my question is is, have you ever thought of yourself as the pebble?  Have you ever thought that what you are doing right now will ripple outward and effect things far from yourself?

Perhaps you have the notion that “no, no one really cares what I do” or perhaps “what I do has no effect on anyone else.”  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Each time you interact with anyone else you are sending out ripples into a pond, the disconnect comes about because you think your pond is very, very small therefore how could you have an impact on lots of other people?

Every word you say to another person, every action you take or choice you make sends out ripples, and the pond is unlimited.  A kind word to a person who is feeling down, sends out ripples to every person they touch from that moment forward, not just for the moment, or the hour or the day, but potentially forever.

You are an essential part of this world: you can and do effect what happens within your awareness and far, far beyond.

Becoming aware of your power is essential is being the most effective, most influential and most succesful person you can be.  Read both of my books and discover how simple yet important this recognition is. 

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