I wish

I wish I were the person my dog thinks I am.  It doesn’t matter if this morning I left without a proper good-bye, he is happy to see me in the evening.  If the food I served him was not up to par, he doesn’t seem to care.  When I yell at him for what I think of as misbehaving, he may slink away for a little while, but as soon as I get up he is ready to play.

What we can learn from dogs.

In the fewest possible words, what we can learn from dogs is to be love.  To see each other as perfect creations doing our best.  Forgiveness is assumed, both on his part and mine.  Every moment is an opportunity to play, not to pay for hurt feelings.  Dogs know there is a time for play, and a time for rest, and they take full advantage of both.  Honestly, our concept of playtime does not always match.  It may take a little effort to get him to settle down at bedtime.  To a dog, life is for living.  

We can also learn the power of loyalty from dogs.  They, like humans are pack animals.  They function best working together with others.  Once the pecking order in a pack has been established, that dog will do anything to protect the pack.  When a new child comes into a family, both male and female dogs know they must protect that child.  A dog will listen to my problems.  When I am feeling blue, he knows it and does what he can to comfort me.

Being the dog.

As I look back over these words I realize that what I really wish is that we all saw each other through the eyes of a good dog.  We would forgive quickly, embrace life to it’s fullest, live in love and complain less.  Dog spelled backwards is God, perhaps that is the key to this understanding.  To see each other, to act towards each other as God sees us.  I think that is a doggone great goal, how about you?

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The Involved Observer