Moment by moment

No matter how long our lifespan is, we measure the time moment by moment.  Individual grains of sand passing through a single point.  Then they are gone. forever.

The analogy.

Think of an old fashioned hourglass.  If we think of each breath, each experience, as one of those grains of sand passing through the glass then gone forever, we see how important each moment is.  No one can know how many grains we have in the top of the glass.  The speed with which the grains pass through that narrow spot varies with our engagement.  When we are fully engaged in life the grains seem to rush by in a steady stream.  When we are stuck, or lost, the grains seem to drop slowly.  In either event the number of grains in the top of the glass remain constant.

Making the most of those grains.

When all the grains have passed through the middle of the glass, what is left in the bottom of the glass?  Is the bottom filled with unrealized dreams?  Is the bottom filled with forgiveness or unforgiveness?  If we want to be able to look back over the passage of time and be satisfied with what has happened, it is essential that most of these grains represent love; love expressed, and love accepted.  This is how to make the most of every one of those grains of life.

The magic of the hourglass.

The more we fill the hourglass with loving experiences, the more satisfying life is.  I believe that at the end it doesn’t matter how many grains of sand begin at the top of our glass.  What truly matters is that the percentage of “love grains” far outnumber anything else.   An angry, bitter person may live many years, but for what purpose?  A loving person may life only a few moments, and leave a lasting impression on the world.  I love the saying that goes; “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but the number of moments that take our breath away.”  That is the magic of the hourglass.

Making the most of every grain.

Live your life in love.  Let hurts heal.  Forgive quickly.  Whatever number of grains we have in our lives, make the most of every single one.

I have a guide book that will help you fill your hourglass with love.  It is called Think, Believe, Receive, Three steps to an amazing life.  Read a sample by clicking on the cover below, then get your own copy.  You will be glad you did.

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