My enemy is my definition

Right off the bat I want to say I do not believe in an enemy.  I face the world knowing that it takes all kinds of people to make it go around.  Some of these people I agree with, others I do not agree with.  However, if I were to label someone as my enemy, it would be because I believe they are keeping me from my good.  This is a falsehood.  No one else is keeping me (or you) from your good.  The only one who can keep you from achieving everything you seek is your own beautiful self.  This is why who we define as our enemy defines us.

What is an enemy?

When someone takes it upon themselves to make this determination for me, I know one thing; they are trying to control me.  This person, or persons, has a vested interest in elevating my fear.  Once I am in fear, “they” can provide the solution.  This is pure and simple manipulation.  Have you noticed that we always seem to have an enemy on this planet?  This allows politicians and corporations to justify spending unlimited sums of money.  The greater the fear we feel, the more money can be spent.  

An idea can not be an enemy.

George Orwell, he of the book 1984, made popular the phrase “Thought Crime.”  To think thoughts not in alignment with those in power is not a crime.  Thinking thoughts not in alignment with the powers that be is, in fact, one of our founding ideals.  To believe that simply because someone does not agree with us that they are our enemy is a dangerous line of thinking.  One day someone will be in power who will not share your personal beliefs.  Maybe that someday is today.  They are not your enemy.  You do not have to go to battle with them personally.  You can, however make your thoughts clear and stand for what you believe.  Until, that is, the people in power decide to silence you for your ideals.

The cure for the “enemy.”

However pollyanna it may seem, the only way to keep from being sucked-in by “the enemy” is to stand in love.  By this I mean to remember the words of our Declaration of Independence: All Men Are Created Equal.  Stand in love, don’t be a sheep lead to slaughter.

The Involved Observer