Fighting the World

OK, so maybe I am on a theme this week.  Wednesday I posted about conspiracy, and today I want to look at how we sometimes feel we must fight the entire world to survive.  An interesting thought came to my attention this week; humans, are hardwired to cooperate.  When we watch the evening news it would be easy to dismiss this thought, but consider this; through the earliest days of humankind we have had to work together to build our society, our homes, our cities, almost every endeavor of humankind has been most successful when we are working in cooperation.  When we cease to work in cooperation what results is war, famine, drought, and genocide.  Pretty good argument for cooperation isn’t it!

Many of us are frustrated with our political leadership because cooperation seems to be missing from their lexicon.  It does not matter which side of the spectrum you are on, the bickering, posturing, back-stabbing only results in more of the same.  Since we are on the slippery slope of politics, I want to remind you what when our nation was formed the framers of our system decreed that in a Presidential election the highest vote getter would be President, the second highest would be Vice President.  This insured an enforced cooperation regardless of the names of the parties involved.

When you work in cooperation with your co-workers, things turn out better than if you are simply trying to make them look bad.  When an athletic team works in cooperation they are far more successful than if they are each seeking the glory, when there is a decision to be made in your work the highest results come when you are in cooperation with the others involved rather than focusing on self-aggrandizement.

You do not have to fight the whole world to succeed. Humankind succeeds best when working in cooperation.

The Involved Observer