The Great Conspiracy

Sometimes it feels like everyone, and I mean everyone, is out to get us.  People are working in the background to sabotage our work, steal the credit for our work, and to just make our lives miserable.  I will not say that this is never true, however most people are so busy covering their own backsides they have little time to try to expose ours.

When I think there might be a conspiracy around my own life and take a closer look, what I usually find is the conspirator is myself.  I have left something, or some things undone which are coming back to bite me.  Even more frequently what I discover about THE GREAT CONSPIRACY is that the most active player in this drama is myself

Far too often when I think the whole world is against me I discover two things; first is that the whole world is not actually against me, and secondly, I discover the most active agent in any conspiracy is my own thinking.  I have gotten stuck in a rut of how things are to be simply because they have always been that way before.  Here again we turn to the words of the wise person who said “if you keep doing what you are doing, you will keep getting what you are getting.”  So you see, the most common source of failure is our own thinking.  Shake it up, turn your desk around, change your chair, switch your break time, read Think, Believe, Receive and It’s All About Me and discover where your are the author of the Great Conspiracy in your own life, then you IN-power yourself to break through to new heights. 

The Involved Observer                               Think Believe Receive