Don’t believe everything you think

A neighbor of mine has that bumper sticker, and it is soooo true! What we think is often the result of what we have been taught over the years. Too often we have not stopped to really evaluate that thought yet we act upon it as though it were written in stone, or handed down from on-high.
To live a full life, to have a truly successful career it is important for us to examine our thoughts, especially when those thoughts result in anger or arguments with our co-workers, family and friends. Why do we believe that thought? Is it a thought which was passed on to us from some long ago teacher? Does it have any place in our experience today?
I have almost completed my second book, It’s All About Me”. It should be ready for the Christmas season. In this follow-up to Think, Believe, Receive, three steps to an amazing life, we explore how to talk ourselves down from outdated thinking, and live fully in the now.
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