Why does doing something for someone else make us feel so good?  Seva, the Sanskrit word for service to others may help us understand.

 You see, doing for others, lending a helping hand, paying a toll for someone else behind you, even taking out the garbage for an ailing neighbor, is demonstrating our recognition that we are, at the deepest possible level,  that we are all one.  That which lifts one, lifts all.  It is simply impossible to do a good deed without the ripples of that action, that recognition, going out into the entire world, and in its own perfect way, raising the vibration of the entire world a notch.  Have you ever considered you were that powerful? You are! Each of us is an integral part of the whole.  You have seen this truth in action at work perhaps.  One team helps another, and the entire group gets energized.

Feeling a little listless, or at loose ends?  Break through by lending a hand, at a school, youth center, senior center, where ever you can.  

                                    Your reward for Seva is personal, the result is Universal.

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