The Me within Me

My inner child wants to come out and play.  The me who is a public speaker wants to be heard.  The me who is a proud Grandpa wants to express love for my grandchildren. Those are just three of the entities within me.  How many are within you?  It is so important to recognize which aspect of ourselves wants to express, and allow that aspect to express at the right time and in the appropriate manner.  If I let my inner child express, well, it might want to express itself like a ticked-off two year old screaming and kicking.  That wouldn’t work well if at the time I was doing a presentation to a group of AA&T executives would it!

Every aspect of our beings want to be heard.  If we completely suppress those aspects they will come out at the most inopportune times.  Listen to your inner voices, love them.  They will soon come to learn the right and perfect time to express, and bring along with them some delightful insights which will make you more effective in all aspects of your NOW life.

           Love all the aspects of you, and work together with all of them for a joyful experience.

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