We have spoken about gossip, haven’t we?  If not we shall soon.  Right now I want to discuss gossips next door neighbor: complaints.  Complaints can have the same corrosive effect on our relationships as gossip.  Does this mean we are to accept whatever comes our way without questioning?  Of course not.  What makes one complaint corrosive and the next complaint beneficial is how we deal with the complaint.  If we don’t like something, do we go to someone who can resolve the issue, or do we just blast it out there into cyberspace to fester?   If I have an issue with you, doesn’t it seem logical that I should go to you for a resolution rather than speaking to your friend, or my friend about that issue? I might get some insight about the issue in doing so, but the only true resolution will come about between you and me. I invite you to go back and review my blog about “Exumptions” in light of this discussion, you may find some more illumination about this topic. 

I encourage you to In-power yourself to resolve issues; I encourage you to go right to the source for answers; I encourage you to break out of the mold of the little mindedness which is happier complaining, happier trying to demonstrate how much they are misunderstood or misused.  Define yourself not with lack, define yourself with the boldness to step up and resolve issues in clarity.  In-power yourself: stop complaining and do something about it!

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