From the book “It’s All About Me” (which will be published just as soon as the way is reveled to me)  comes this idea of expectations and assumptions becoming corrosive in our relationships. I call this an “exumption”, the tendency to make an assumption or to create an expectation of which the other party is unaware.  This is a wonderful path to failing to achieve our goals.

People have almost quit their jobs because a superior failed to meet an expectation, or concur on an assumption no one ever expressed.  Once again, the most effective way to get through these types of “between the lines” communication is getting it out in front, making clear that there was an expectation, or an assumption which went unmet.  What is the worst that can happen?  We walk away, but at least the air is clear, and hopefully this same problem will not have to occur again.

When we hire a contractor we assume they will do the job in the manner we expect.  But, unless we are clear as to the cost, warranty, time frame, and responsibilities, of both parties, how can success be achieved?  We set ourselves up for failure.

Banish the Exumption!  Be clear in your communication, and be clear the other party is clear as to what you believe you are clear about!  Is that clear?  I assume it is, and I expect you to agree as well. 

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