Chattering Monkeys

There is nothing holding me back from experiencing full and complete success at anything my heart desires.  Yes there is, there are a thousand reasons for me not to succeed, no there is not, just last week I read this thing that said, never mind what it said, that was not you, yes it is, no it isn’t.  Chatter, chatter chatter.

These voices in my head, they keep going blah, blah, blah,  it’s a wonder I ever get anything done at all.  I call these voices chattering monkeys, some like to refer to them as monkey mind, but it doesn’t really matter what you call them, they are not always your friends!

The Chattering Monkeys are all the voices you have heard telling you that something is lacking in you, that there is a reason you are not earning as much as you deserve, do not have the relationship you want, and why things will never change for the better.  Wouldn’t it be cool if the monkeys would conspire to tell you all the ways you could succeed rather than focus on why you can’t?  That would be wonderful, and as soon as I find out the answer to that issue, I will blog about it.  For right now here is all I can give you: You know the monkeys are at work when you cannot create a complete sentence, cannot find the wonderful you inside, when the world seems to be spinning out of control. Those monkeys will continue to chatter, louder and louder, until YOU take control.  

This is your brain, not their playground.   The monkeys might like you to think they are in control, but you are in control.  Stop what you are doing, give them the clearest Alpha Dog look you have, and DEMAND they stop RIGHT NOW.  Refuse to take no for an answer. If it takes a moment, great, if it takes five minutes, great.  

You are the master of your mind.  When it is time to produce, the monkeys have time off, when it is time to play, let ’em out, they are a part of you too, and just like girls, monkeys just wanna have fun! 

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