What If

These two words, What If, can be our greatest supporters, or our most sadistic jailers. 

If the term What If is the beginning of a train of thought which will create a new vision, open us to possibility, move us forward from a place where we are stuck, well then, you have a friend in What If. “What if we look at this from another perspective”  “What if we bring some new people to our team to take a fresh look at what we are doing here”  What if, in this context means something freeing, something which looks for inspiration, and knows that inspiration is out there for us to receive. 

On the other hand, What If can also be our jailer. “What If the boss doesn’t like our presentation?”  What if we don’t bring in more sales if we do this?”  When What If becomes a reason to not even try, when what if  is an excuse to do the same-old thing because we fear change, well then what if becomes our jailer.

Here is another scenario: “What if I hire this Brian Graham guy to speak at our annual convention and he is a flop?”  In this case what if is not serving you well, because I, Brian Graham, know full well I will not flop, your convention attendees will be inspired to greater heights, and you will look like the star you are, as well as an astute choice of talent and inspiration.

What If, What If you take a shot, and give Choiceful Living Seminars an opportunity to make you look great?  Make that your charge for 2015!   

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