Your Field of Dreams

Ray Kinsella planted his Field of Dreams in Iowa, you plant your Field of Dreams in your heart.  You plant this field every day, every moment.

No matter if you plant a field of corn, a baseball diamond, or a patio garden there is one thing in common for all these fields, you will have to weed them to allow what you want to grow to grow to it’s fullest potential.  This is true of the Field of Dreams you plant in your mind and in your heart; it too must be weeded to allow your dreams to grow to their full potential.  Weeds?  In my mind?  Weeds in my heart?  You must be kidding, but it is true!  You see anytime we allow envy or anger, or unforgiveness grow in our minds or our hearts, they are like weeds.  We can plant the most beautiful crop of hope and peace and success in our field, but if we allow anger weeds to grow it will suck the nutrients from our hearts and minds, starving the field of success just as certainly as button weeds will choke off a field of soy beans.

This is my own reference because as a young boy I would walk mile after mile of beans on the family farm cutting out the unwanted growth.  If allowed to continue growing, when the soy beans were harvested the button weed seeds would also be harvested, reducing  the price per bushel we would get.  When you go to harvest your success, or your love, or your prosperity the same thing will happen; you will harvest a diluted crop.

This is why being the Involved Observer in your own life is so important, and why I wrote the books”It’s All About Me,” and “Think, Believe, Receive.“As the Involved Observer you will develop tools to see those weeds, cut them out before they dilute your harvest, and provide for a fuller, richer and more satisfying harvest.  Join me as we weed our Fields of Dreams.

The Involved Observer                                    Think Believe Receive