Yes, I’m Older

As I often say, “They give you youth, the rest you have to earn.”   So, yes, I am older in years than I was even yesterday.  This means I have a choice; I can look at life  and say “I have lived so long I know it all”, or I can say “I have lived so long I know enough to know I have a lot to learn.”  

One statement closes me down, shuts me off and means I will make certain little new information or experience comes into my life.  The other statement acknowledges that, yes, I have had many experiences, and I am looking forward to what the Universe has to offer me as I add more experiences to my years.  

This is not just idle chatter.  Once we stop living,  once we stop looking forward to new experiences, we are dead.  Our bodies might still be ambling around, but our minds are closed.  When our minds become closed there is no opportunity to embrace the wonder of our lives.  No way to appreciate the sunrise and sunset, no place for the love which is all around us to find its way into our hearts, no reason to even read one more book.   I find this very sad.  

If at some point you find yourself thinking you know it all, that you have everything figured out, for pete sakes, get yourself a television show and tell the rest of us how it works; why does the smile of a child melt my heart.   Why can some of us see the green flash at sunset while others never do?  Why is there air?  How do I achieve enlightenment?  If you can answer all these questions to my understanding, I have a few hundred more questions.

Enjoy the thrill of life and its many questions.

The Involved Observer