What have you done to be proud about?

Sunday was Fathers day.  As a group we dads often get less attention on our day than mom does on her day.  This is not worth an argument; the point is along with the lesser attention and hoopla comes the question “What have I done to be proud of?”

I am so happy to say that Sunday I listened to my son as he related to a friend of mine the impact he perceives I had on his life as a child.  I was so moved at the things he shared about my actions and my contribution to his life I could not help but be proud.  Most of those actions I took simply based upon what was going on at the moment; I had no plans  to make them life lessons or even the thought that at some time in the future he would thank me for them.  This is a perfect example of how what we do, what we say and what we show others remains with them far after they are done, said and shown.

What have I done to be proud of?  My son gave me a greater gift Sunday than anything which could have been purchased, he gave me the reminder that even the seemingly most trivial words and actions mold others around me.  This is quite a responsibility.

A little while back I shared a reminder for us to speak only kind words and I would like to share it again; when the urge to say something harsh or unkind creeps into your mind, halt the urge by making a heart of your index fingers and thumbs and place it over your mouth to remind yourself to only speak words of love and support. Someday someone might gift you by bragging about your kind words.

The Involved Observer