I am done

What would it look like if right now we all stopped and declared “I Am Done!  I am done being accommodating to hate, fear, racism, bigotry, and the quest for personal power.”  That would be a powerful statement indeed!  

Those of us who walk this planet clearly knowing that Love is the most powerful force often make the choice to overlook it when our friends and acquaintances express one or more of these positions because we believe that prayer and right action on our part is enough to overcome the rantings of others.  I still want to believe this, however I am reminded of the quote that “all it takes for evil to succeed is for good people to remain silent.”  I invite us to join together in an expanded level of knowing: speaking out.

When someone comes to us with a racist remark, regardless of the color of that persons skin, it is now time to let that person know, from the place of love, that we cannot endorse such a position.  Should someone approach us with a platform of fear; rather than just let it slip by, and going to our “happy place” we are called upon to point out how we are feeling manipulated by far.  Too often someone will say “I hate” this or that.  Can we find a place in our lives to actively tone down the rhetoric to perhaps “I dislike” that?

We are truly living in interesting times.  I don’t think I am exaggerating by suggesting we are living in a pivotal time in man kinds evolution.  We have made so many improvements in our recognition of the value of every person on this planet, lets not loose ground simply because we don’t want to offend someone who is shouting “fire” in a crowded theater.  

The Involved Observer