I have the greatest possible respect for what is called the Scientific Method.  This is where, to be considered true, a result must be verified, quantifiable and repeatable.  This weeds-out those accidental occurrences and false leads.  Yet so much of what we experience in our lives; the lessons we learn, could not withstand the scrutiny of the Scientific Method.  How would we, for instance, verify and quantify the pride of seeing our children succeed at something, yet that experience is very real.  By definition that event is not repeatable to achieve the same results time and again, but this does not make it any less real.

When we experience a healing; when a weight is lifted from our hearts, that is not something that fits in a nice clean box, but that does not make it any less a healing.

There are so many places and times in our lives when what we experience goes beyond the “normal” which is why it is so important to leave a space in our lives for the inexplicable, to be open to the wonders which surround us each and every day.  

One of these things is what Terrie Symons does; she brings through her an entity by the name of Ashtar, and Ascended Master, who teaches love; love of self, love for the planet, love for all things.  Her story is amazing and I invite you to read that story for yourself in The Lady Ashtar Story, now available on Amazon books.

Leave room in your life for the truly amazing, we call them miracles!